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The 3-card spread is one of the simplest of spreads and most often used to represent past, present and future. Another is for problem solving. The situation, the obstacle and solution.


Please take note, I do not do readings on health, Fertility and pregnancy matters.


One of our loves at the Vera's Vessels spiritual online store is card reading and I have a number of years working on the art of Divination. With this in mind, I can offer full card readings with several decks. 

They range from oracle and tarot decks.

But what is the difference?

Essentially, the big difference comes from the meanings. With tarot, you learn the meanings and apply that to different decks. It’s more of a structured system with ‘rules’ and ‘grammar’.

Oracle cards require you to use each deck according to its own merit. Each card becomes a literal oracle every time you do a reading. Both types of cards rely on synchronicity, or the belief that you’ll get the exact message you need at the time you need it.

Yet oracle cards take this one step further because of the variation across readings and decks. Especially if you feel drawn to use a particular deck at a particular time.

Oracle 3 Card Reading - Emailed


Card reading requested via email will be sent to the email thats on the order form. Please make sure that the email you provide is correct.

You will receive the reading in a written format and a record video of the reading showing the cards being drawn.

If you have any requests to questions, please make sure then are in the question box before you order.

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