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How it All Began

Welcome one and all to Vera's Vessels. 

The Spiritual Online Shop to Buy Deity Candles.

What started as an idea that soon became a join adventure is now back to its original status.

It's just me myself and I running this whole operation.

Hi, I'm Kate. I have been a closet witch for many years. When I was a child, my father who would call himself a druid brought me my first Oracle cards (the fairy deck) and I started practicing then. But as I got older, I was bullied and abused by those who I thought were friends and partners. This resulted in me keep my spiritual and witchcraft practice very private and only read my Tarot Cards to limited people.

End of 2018, my life changed when I met my supportive non-believer partner Daniel. All he wishes for me is to be happy and apart from giving me my beautiful daughter, he does not judge me on my beliefs. So 2020 happen. the birth of my baby girl. Covid and me finally accepting who I am.

The name came from my welsh dresser, She hold a special place within my home and has the name Vera. She is my vessel to my own spiritual path.

Vera's Vessels is a combination of homemade/handcrafted goods and pagan products.

My aim is to fulfil your witchy needs from starter kits, altar products, tools and accessories to guide your path. I hope in doing so that it saves someone retreating to the closet like I once had too.

Here I make handcrafted soy wax altar deity candles, each unique and personal for invocations from different deities (Celtic, Norse, Greek and Egyptian to name a few) to sabbats and the zodiac.

I also have handmade items which is growing with time.

I have a broad spectrum of pagan beliefs from the old ways to new age, from modern to traditional. Some say I'm a Choas Witch but I do not lean towards a label. My aim to include as much as I can to cover your witch/pagan needs.

Your magical needs is my witchy deeds.

Selfie of Kate. Owner of Vera's Vessels
Vera's Vessels Market Stall
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