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Cerridwen Deity Candle

Cerridwen - Goddess of Fertility, Knowledge and Poets.




All our Deity Candles have been fully researched to make sure we provide the best matches and correspondences. This means the Colour, Scent and offerings are connected to the chosen deity. We abide by the UK laws and regulations with selling candles but as each person practices their path differently, we provide offerings As as well on the site, sperate from the candle for our customers to buy as they see fit.


They been coloured White with Green marbling and with a Old Books scent. This hold scent notes of –  Freesia, Grated Ginger, incense, Vanilla sugar, Cinnamon, Honey White Patchouli, Light amber, Cashmere woods and Tobacco Leaf.


They are fragrance between 8%-12%. Please take note that these candles are not designed to fragrance your home, so they will not be overpowering.


All our candles aremade from 100% Soya Wax grown in the uk, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and Phthalate Free

Cerridwen Deity Candle


A few of our products are per-made before sale and therefore able to be dispatched with 2-3 days, but we may require additional time for our made to order items.  We will note within the product description which items are made to order.

Made to order items will take no more than 2-3 weeks maximum to be dispatched. Items are shipped within the UK and will take the standard postal delivery time stated at check out.

Any of our third-party products may also take up to 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

Please note that these dispatch and shipping times are a rough guide, and you may find some of our products will be delivered earlier than stated. Should there been a problem with your order which will lead to them exceeding the advised time scale, we will be in contact to let you know.

We only ship within the UK.

If you require more details, please see our Shipping Policy.

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