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A Witches Home Ball


These Home Balls contain a selected magical mixture of herbs, flowers, shells or crystals to bring you and your home love, positivity and protection. Each Ball is handmade by me, blessed with good intentions for your home and are all completely unique.

Every ball comes with an inscription offering love and protection to the home.


A ball may contain a combination of any of the following:

Holly – For protection and luck

Chamomile - For Purification and protection

Cinnamon Stick - For protection, success, wealth and strength.

Lavender - For peace, protection, healing and happiness.

Juniper – For purification and wards of negative energies

Rowan – For Protection and Spiritual Strength

Rose Petals - to bring love around you and to draw good luck in matters of the heart.

Star Anise - For overall good luck and protection.

Orange Peel- For committed love, joy and happiness.

Bay Leaf - To banish negativity and grant wishes.

Lime Peel - For purification and to banish sorrow.

Sea Shell - for protection in your home

I use 8cm plastic balls for durability.

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